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Custom deck with upper deck, hot tub area and stairsIf you are in the Park City area, and are looking for a quality, affordable deck contractor, call PRO Deck Doctor today. Our experts have many years of experience in installing, repairing, and refinishing decks of all sizes, for both residential and commercial. We use only the best materials in both installation and repair/refinishing, so you know you can count on your deck being beautiful for years to come.

Proudly celebrating 10 years of service in the Summit and Wasatch counties in majestic Utah. A special thanks to all our wonderful clients and readers. It has truly been a honor working on such spectacular exterior living areas. While we don’t have all the answers we will continue to work diligently to give the current and factual information.

Originally this site was created for the homeowner and it will continue to be YOUR resource for decking information. The Deck Industry continues to evolve at an amazing pace. It has been quite the challenge answering questions from all over North America, as most product performance depends geographic and climatic conditions. We will continue to provide as much factual information as possible. And on some fronts the verdict remain elusive at best. Rest assured the Research & Development Department will continue to work hard toward providing the best, realistic, and current information available.

PRO Deck Doctor in an independent, environmentally friendly, full service deck company. You can be assured that the information you are getting is based on tested products with proven results and our personal experiences. Due to the amount of products on the market we are unable to test everything. If there is particular product that you are interested in please feel free to contact us with the your request.

What about photos, you ask? New to the site is our Portfolio Page. The photos presented in this site are meant to better illustrate a particular condition or procedure. We welcome you to take a look. If you have a question please feel free to send an accompanying photo as it can be useful in correctly diagnosing your problem or condition. Your personal experiences and reviews are GREAT. Thanks and Keep them coming.

Please feel free to email us, especially if you have a concern that may not have been directly addressed in the following pages. On behalf of myself, and my amazing staff, welcome, and enjoy.