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Custom deck built on back of a homePRO Deck Doctor, in a wholly independently owned company. We are located in Park City, Utah. It is our commitment to make your deck the ’healthiest deck possible.’ The company was formed in 1998. Since our inception continuing today and into the future we have been a strict environmentally friendly company. We pay special attention to each and every cleaning solution we use. We do not use bleaches, phosphates, methyl chlorides, or any other products that may harm our delicate watersheds.

Our forte is deck restoration. We take restoration to a level that it should be. There are many companies out there that claims to be ’maintenance and restoration experts.’ Comparatively speaking they are nothing more than practioners with pressure washers. And while pressure washing is an acceptable means for cleaning the deck, there is no correct way to restore a deck with a pressure washer alone. As a matter of fact, stripping chemicals and pressure washing can do far more damage to a deck than you can imagine. We combine both types a treatments mechanical and chemical in order to restore the life and balance of the deck surface.

Our approach to deck restoration and maintenance is specialized and unique. Our techniques in diagnosis and prescription for treatment have been proven in the field. We believe in and recognize the difference between knowledge and experience.

As mentioned we have a very unique and specialized set of criteria by which we need to review in order to make a proper diagnosis and prescribed treatment. The first set of criteria we look at in diagnosing a deck’s condition is the geographic location. This is important because the needs of deck owners in Buffalo, New York are not the same as Park City, Utah. When a client outside of our geographic location contacts us for support we go directly to the National Weather Service and review the specifics of that area. We look at items such as, number of sunny days, number of rainy days, the average humidity throughout the day, the UV index, the elevation, and possibly even the seasonal cycles. One needs to know all these things in order to better understand what will work best for treating such a structure.

The second criteria we need to know is specific about the deck. We need to know the age of the structure. Is it a new deck, or perhaps a well seasoned deck? We need to know what the deck is made of. And not only the decking surface but what the structural make up of the deck is as well. Horizontal surfaces, such as railings and vertical surfaces do not receive the same abuse. The deck boards take the most abuse without question. But so too, if the undercarriage is not addressed properly the deck boards will reflect that. More on this later.

The third criteria, and perhaps the most important, is direction does the deck face. A north facing deck is going to react very differently than a South facing This becomes especially important if the UV index is high to a specific region The expansion and contraction factor has a tremendous impact on topcoat performance Those of you who live in areas where the morning temperatures can be 40 degrees Fahrenheit different than afternoon temperatures should understand this.

Wood deck custom buildThe fourth criteria of importance is how is the deck fastened. Fasteners can make or break a deck. They not only affect the appearance, but also the integrity and stability of the boards and the substructure.. Fasteners can also have chemical reactions with certain wood types. Unfortunately, fasteners often receive the least amount of attention when decks are being constructed.

The fifth criteria we look at is more of a design issue. The deck can act like a terrarium in the right conditions. The humidity level under the deck can reach 100 percent for extended periods of time. This humidity level will adversely affect the longevity of the structure the deck but also the performance of topcoats Correct gapping on the deck boards can help alleviate some of these issues. Gapping and deck breath ability are very important factors. Unfortunately, once the deck is constructed there is little that can be done to remedy these effects

The sixth criteria is what direct abuse does the deck take. Are there sprinklers that frequently water certain portions of the deck? Are there trees in proximity that drop sap onto the deck‘s surface? Does the home owner have a large dog or metal furniture that can damage the surface allowing for pollutants and contaminants to penetrate. Is there a hot tub on the deck that results from chemicals being splashed onto the deck. These are just a sample of the direct abuse factors that need special attention. (Note: The hardness of the water too can have direct implications on the deck’s appearance.)

The seventh criteria is what the ultimate purpose of the deck? One needs to understand what the primary use of the current deck or the future deck will be. Is it meant to be showcase deck, accentuating the façade of the house? Or is it meant to be more of a utilitarian deck; a place where the kids and company can congregate for entertainment? Is the deck perhaps a ‘roof-like’ structure designed to shield the real exterior living area below? Recent innovative products have allowed for balcony decks to actually create useful living spaces below them.

And the final criteria is one that we use to set the client up for success This issue addresses what were the treatments , products and methods used for maintaining in the past. This issue is the most resourceful for the contractor or home owner. After all, does it make any sense to continue with something that is not working? We don’t think so. Therefore, we will rarely continue using a system that fails. Our knowledge of a variety of products enables us to tailor our prescriptions accordingly.

Special Note from Doc:

I, personally, have made mistakes in the past. Fortunately they were few and I learned from them. I can say this about my mistakes, they happened when I altered my methods in order to please a client’s particular requests. We at PRO Deck Doctor, have sound and proven methods. While products may change; our methods will not. I apologize to those clients that had less and superior results. I train my staff extensively with these methods. We will NOT alter these methods for any reason, especially cost.

Your Friend Respectfully,